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Late night msn conversations.

Sometimes, our brains tend to malfunction during the strange hours of the night. This is just one example.

huiying. says (1:33 AM):
fuck u
the look in your eyes makes me crazy. says (1:33 AM):
the look in your eyes makes me crazy. says (1:33 AM):
huiying. says (1:33 AM):
the look in your eyes makes me crazy. says (1:33 AM):
this is it
the look in your eyes makes me crazy. says (1:33 AM):
huiying. says (1:33 AM):
i donno leh so bz these days nv see u for quite some time liao how to fuck

Sorry. Full of f words.



Life is a mad rush.

Mad rush for the train before it leaves the platform.

Mad rush to grab a seat on the train during peak hours.

Mad rush to cross the road before the flashing green man becomes red.

Mad rush to finish my assignments.

These days I feel like a walking zombie. I have 2 essays  to complete, an oral test next Monday, a debate to research on, a Referat to work on and a german test in the last week.

This is a mad rush.

Jaded and drained. Go away, you damn blues.

And I should staring at JC boys. This is so wrong.

It’s just another day without you.

Amidst the busy schedule and the mountain of assignments I’ve to tackle, I still find myself thinking about him. Often, it comes with an overwhelming pang of ache.

I’m not supposed to have time to think about him. I’m not supposed to miss him anymore.

I attribute this to Monday blues.

And what the fuck is wrong with attached guys who ask me to introduce them to hot girls?

The night of the Big Four.

My Man U won 3-0. Well, the first two goals were headers and they weren’t very convincing either. But that goal from Nani was spectacular.

It certainly wasn’t the best of nights for Liverpool, with them losing a man and conceding a goal in the first half.

Football aside, I found Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres absolutely hot on the field. Both are Spanish.

Okay, sorry. I’m not supposed to ogle at players from the opposing team.

So it’s Man U 3 Liverpool 0.

Chelsea beat ARSEnal too with a score of 2-1 and the Blues are second place now. We have a 5-point lead over them.

Just 7 games to go. Crucial matches against both ARSEnal and Chelsea in April. We gotta stay in focus.

And there’s the Champs League to tackle too.

Let’s go for the double!

My team. Nobody plays better football than them.

I’m sorry, ARSEne. Looks like you’re running out of luck.

Christiano vs Fernando.

So it’s Man Utd vs Liverpool in less than two hours’ time.

I guess most of the attention will be placed upon Ronaldo and Torres. The former has already scored 24 in the EPL, while the latter, 20. Both are brilliant with their footwork and are skilled goalscorers.

What a game it would be. I’m fully anticipating it.

This is my weekend joy.

Quite a few bets are at stack too.

Despite the supposedly friendly smiles shared between the two men, no love is lost at all between the two sides.

Man U to win.
Chelsea and ARSEnal to draw.

My elusive dream guy.

I have 4 tube dresses in my wardrobe of which 3 I haven’t worn.

Not because I don’t dare to wear any one of them out, it’s just that I haven’t found the appropriate occasion to do that.

Sometimes, I envisage myself wearing a nice and sweet dress, having a candle-light dinner (okay, this is clichéd) with the guy of my dreams by the beach or even a laid-back restaurant tucked away at a small corner of Singapore. We would be having conversations about football, history, life…everything.

My dream guy is one who is pleasant to the eye (of course, everyone is superficial to some extent. I don’t mind a younger George Clooney though), shares my passion (football, history), listens to my kind of music (Brit rock! And some indie groups) and loves to hunt for good food. He must be one who has an open heart, is gracious and matured enough to tolerate nonsense like me as well.

And of course, the usual stuff of being witty, humorous, talkactive, filial, etc etc.

But then again, I must stop daydreaming. I haven’t met anyone like that.

In fact, I’ve met the complete opposite many times, far from what I like and want.

For now, I’ll chill, take a backseat and enjoy singlehood, like what I’ve been doing for the past 9 months.

I must wear one of those dresses soon, even if I’m not going on a date.

I’ve no potential dates to speak of anyway.

Another Thursday night.

I saw Zoe Tay and her son in Hol V’s NYDC when I was having dinner. Hot mum, hot kid. Okay, hot is the wrong word to use to describe a kid but this kid’s bound to grow up looking handsome.

ZOE TAY. She’s been my favourite local actress since I was a kid. I finally got to see her in real. I can die without regrets already.

She really has that charisma of a star. Fann Wong is nowhere on par.

And then I bumped into a primary school friend on the way home. He still remembers which part of Yishun I stay in. Was quite surprised by that. So we talked about the usual stuff that people talk about after not seeing each other for years.

It’s a Thursday night and I was at Hol V. I wonder why I didn’t even go near Wala.

Never mind.