Monthly Archives: April 2008

Reminder to self.

I should not put anyone on a pedestal lest I get disappointed again.

Okay. I’m gonna mug.



21st May.

I should be mugging but I just have to blog about this. It’s our second Champions League final in 9 years but it’s the first one that I will watch.

Yes, we will be playing in Moscow on 21st May because our dear Paul Scholes, the midfield maestro, who missed out on the 1999 final through suspension, put us through with a jaw-dropping 30 yard winning goal.

And so, we’re going to Moscow, playing either the Reds or the Blues.

Honestly, I still harbor a huge grudge on my mum for not letting me watch the 1999 final for god-knows-what reason. STILL ANGRY OK.

Probably I was just 13 back then and was spending too much time watching football instead of focusing on my studies. But heck, it was my first season of football and of course I would be savoring every match minute of the game.

She has absolutely no chance or reason to stop me from catching the final this time.


The hero.

The scoreboard.

Fergie is triumphant.

My team is in raptures.

And I’m still reeling from our victory but it is short-lived because now, I have to get back to my notes.

Fuck. 9 days left, okay. Don’t pray pray.

Bye bye, world.

Information overload, the lack of sleep, the faltering of my momentum and concentration…all culminating to my eventual burnt-out.

Looking at this lovely creature here helps to relax my mind a little. I’m in love with this dog.

Grooming day soon! Gonna see this cute thing botak.

I’ll be on a hiatus till 9th May, my last paper.

Love is only a feeling.

Love is when…

we bathed your dog together.
we walked your dog in your estate.
we sang our favourite songs together.
we both enjoyed beer and music at Wala on Thursday.
we cursed and swore when Man U faltered in their games.
we rode down the long road back to my place, enjoying the fresh and crisp air.
you tightened my helmet for me.
I talked to you about my insecurities, fears and worries.
I found out that your dad loves the Beatles as much as I do.

It’s these simple things that matter now. Simplicity at its best and what makes me thankful for you.

8 days to the first paper. Fuck it.

I wish I had all the time in the world for you.

Summing up the weekend.

When Adebayor scored, I thought,” This is it.” ARSEnal looked unstoppable.

Then our dear Ronnie scored again, his 38th goal of the season, putting United back into the game.

Hargreaves’ goal was stunning. Lehmann totally had no chance when he curled the ball into the net.

And so we won. The title race is on, you Chelski dogs. Bye bye, ARSEnal. Nothing for you this season.

I still give ARSEnal credit for the hard-fought victory we had. It wasn’t all that easy.