Monthly Archives: May 2008

This week hasn’t been the best of weeks but we’re getting through it afterall.

Two slices of bread with a slice of mozzarella cheese, two slices of white hungarian salami and some salmon spread at the pool was very special.

Sitting under the cloudy sky and talking, kissing the world away and looking up at the sky to see that the clouds had drifted away in silence to reveal the stars completed the night.

To my dearest boy: Please be fine soon.

Love you.



It’s a word that scares me now; it makes me cringe.

I don’t think I can even last 4 weeks, not to mention 4 months.

I’m fucking drained and jaded.

How much love and affection can one have for someone?

How much does it take for one to reach the breaking point?


The photos say it all.

I’m still swelling with pride because this is the best football club in the world, the one which I’ve loved for the past ten years. And of course, what tops it all is that a certain madboy87 loves this team as much as I do.


I’m very drained from work.

Poof. I’m gone.

Fuh Fuh

I miss Fuh Fuh (okay, quite a weird name for a dog. HAHA) and his owner. Brother!! I MISS YOU.

Okay, random stuff at 0206.

Ich bin verrückt.

The toughest and worst part of the day is when I say goodbye to you. I feel as if I were busted right back into reality. Being with you always seems like a getaway, as though my world revolved around you alone. Yes, you alone.

32 hours with you is just not enough.

In fact, time with you is never enough. Yes, I’m insatiable.

This is madness. I am mad. You make me mad.

I love you.


madgirl86 loves madboy87.

Day 1 of Post-Exams.

It’s the end of exams! I woke up feeling liberated because I do not have to go through the nauseating rigors of burying my head into my notes and readings for the next few months. YAY.

I’ll be starting my internship with NUS Press on the 20th though. Which means I still have to travel to school till Aug. But hell, no more essays, tests, lectures, tutorials, assignments and exams!

Liberation is such a sweet feeling. I need to start savouring it at this very second.

If you’re reading this, I love you.