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I’m going back to the start.

I had to find you, to tell you I need you
To tell you I set you apart


Big Brother is Watching You

A secret well-guarded for almost five months has been let out of the bag because of this blog and a few mouths.

Yes, the mother knows about the tattoo AND Italy as well. And god knows what else.

Seriously, thank you very much. I just needed this so much.

It saddens me that I can no longer write freely on this blog anymore. I’m reminded of Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984 who is placed under the scrutiny and surveillance of the Thought Police.

Don’t let your guard down, for Big Brother is watching you.

Enlarge this and you’ll find that I look slightly retarded. HAHA. I think I was too eager to pose. No wonder Ce and Asyraf were laughing their heads off!!

Baby Baby

Despite being overbearing and assertive sometimes (understatement?), my baby still showers me with love. Meeting me for lunch, sending me to my tuition venue, sending me home, buying me 300 DVD and jelly beans…all in one day!! WOW SO AMAZING LA BABY. You’re the BEST!

Sleepy baby!! Those are Best Bud’s fingers.


My favourite boy and dog! HEHE.

I LOVE YOU DEEP DEEP. You make me feel so loved.

4 Years

Finally met up with some of my favourite people last Saturday at El-Sheikh. Some of us will be gone for a few months or years, and some of us are going to stay for a long while. But the thing is, this 4-year-old friendship is still going on strong, despite us not meeting up so often because of our busy schedules. This friendship is felt by the heart and there are still many “4 years” for us to go.   

Buddies for life.


And this is still my favourite girl, my best bud and lesbian partner. Miss all that gossiping and bitching, shopping and drinking sessions and the times we just sat by the river doing nothing else but lamenting about all the things in the world. I realise that I always have so much to talk to you about despite not seeing you for the longest time. Sorry I koped these photos off your blog. Heh. 

Well, let’s fix a date to meet up again next month before some of us are gonna leave for Europe. MUACK.


… says:
hehe.. y they call u limpy in e first place ah
peiying says:
my surname’s lim
… says:
so is not a christian name la
peiying says:

huiying. says:
wats the meaning of limpy?
peiying says:
huiying. says:
a) a limper
huiying. says:
b) someone who limps
huiying. says:
hahah that will be the meaning of ur name in

LIMPY IS NOT A CHRISTIAN NAME CAN. Who the hell would name their kids ‘Limpy’?

I am Limpy Lim Pei Ying a.k.a Yingying

I am shameless. I had no qualms about spending my mum’s money for exchange but now, I wish I had saved up more on my own instead of squandering my money on frivolous and superficial things and activities that only served to fulfill temporal highs, short-lived feel-good moments and material comfort. Now my savings account is severely delepted.

Oh well.

A date has been set for my first solo trip. It’s an omnious date though. And yes, I’m going solo in Italy, albeit for two weeks only, afterwhich I’ll head to Germany for exchange.

Time is running out.