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4 Years

Finally met up with some of my favourite people last Saturday at El-Sheikh. Some of us will be gone for a few months or years, and some of us are going to stay for a long while. But the thing is, this 4-year-old friendship is still going on strong, despite us not meeting up so often because of our busy schedules. This friendship is felt by the heart and there are still many “4 years” for us to go.   

Buddies for life.


And this is still my favourite girl, my best bud and lesbian partner. Miss all that gossiping and bitching, shopping and drinking sessions and the times we just sat by the river doing nothing else but lamenting about all the things in the world. I realise that I always have so much to talk to you about despite not seeing you for the longest time. Sorry I koped these photos off your blog. Heh. 

Well, let’s fix a date to meet up again next month before some of us are gonna leave for Europe. MUACK.


My Precious.

According to Hy, I’m Gollum and she’s the ring.

Taken off her blog:

there, the actual relationship btw yongyingying n limyingying

NEAH NEAH NEAH. Fuck you. I ain’t that hideous piece of evil Gollum. I ain’t. MY PRECCIOOOOUSSSSSS.

The La Mian and Xiaolongbaos (code named XLB) were good. So was roaming around Candy Empire choosing the chips and chocos, putting them back after hesitating (10 bucks for 2 packets of chips) and FINALLY taking them again after ten minutes of walking around the shop and paying for them at the cashier.

Ten minutes void deck. I tongbang you.



WE ARE HOBBITSES. Equally short.

Love and Friendship

Me, Baby and my buddy of 4 years. Jie was behind the camera though. Well these are the people whom I cherish and love.


You are 22 years old today.

To my dearest friend who has been there through good and bad times for the past 12 years:

Happy 22nd birthday.

The girl who gets weepy over beer. LOUSY SHIT. Worse than me, can? (:

Yonghuiying is the one who never fails to crack me up when msn-ing at work. Fucking funny, can.

Together with BUS, it’s even worse.

Fuck. I love you guys.

Best Regards,

Your cutest Xiaomei

Thank God It’s Thursday.

I had a traumatizing and fucked up German test but that’s okay because I met Best Bud and Malay Boy for some nonsense session at Hol V.

So after dinner, we adjourned to Starbucks where all the real nonsense started.

My very sinful Caramel Frap. Ignore the whipped cream, please.

Then we got rather restless and I suggested fixing those straws together.

And Malay Boy had some strange idea going through his head…

And that is to insert the newly formed straw into his nostril.

Sheesha Starbucks.

Black vs White.

Me and Malay Boy

And finally, we took a proper photo together.

Model Chiang, please join us soon if not your membership will be terminated. HAHA