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I’m going back to the start.

I had to find you, to tell you I need you
To tell you I set you apart


Wala on Friday nights…probably not.

I spent some four hours in the National Library working on my essay. Not much inspiration today. I still have about 2500 words to go.

Then I headed to Wala to catch E.I.C with Gerald. It was quite an impromptu thing actually.

E.I.C was quite crappy tonight. They couldn’t really capture the crowd and played crappy songs. The way they played Starlight…I almost wanted to throw my mug at them.

We almost stoned to death.

The only saving grace’s probably that Jack’s really cuteeeeeeeeee.

I still prefer Thursday nights at Wala.

Why like that one?

If you haven’t heard, Stereophonics are going to perform at Fort Canning Park.

But that’s on 28th April. That’s the first day of my exams.

Damn irritating can.

Kelly Jones.

Do not be taken in by the name ‘Kelly Jones’. Kelly Jones is not a woman nor is he feminine.

On the contrary, he is the frontman of Stereophonics who exudes masculinity and magnetism whenever he performs.

What’s more, he’s got a gravelly and sexy voice to boot.

Soooooooooooo sizzling hot.




Here they are, Stereophonics’ live version of Dakota.

You made me feel like the one.