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Bye bye, world.

Information overload, the lack of sleep, the faltering of my momentum and concentration…all culminating to my eventual burnt-out.

Looking at this lovely creature here helps to relax my mind a little. I’m in love with this dog.

Grooming day soon! Gonna see this cute thing botak.

I’ll be on a hiatus till 9th May, my last paper.



Life is a mad rush.

Mad rush for the train before it leaves the platform.

Mad rush to grab a seat on the train during peak hours.

Mad rush to cross the road before the flashing green man becomes red.

Mad rush to finish my assignments.

These days I feel like a walking zombie. I have 2 essays  to complete, an oral test next Monday, a debate to research on, a Referat to work on and a german test in the last week.

This is a mad rush.

Jaded and drained. Go away, you damn blues.

And I should staring at JC boys. This is so wrong.